Shih Tzu Biting and Nipping

Whenever a dog bites, it will always hurt a lot and there’s no way around it. When it comes to your Shih Tzu biting or nipping, their tiny but sharp teeth can be a hazard to anyone. However, this behavior…

RESCUE Shih Tzu * Happy * enjoys a treat after trick training

Shih tzu, named Happy, loves training time and he looks so cute that you just have to give him a treat. Enjoy!!!

Effective Shih Tzu Obedience Training Tips

The Shih Tzu breed has a reputation for being stubborn, but with a few tips, basic Shih Tzu obedience training for your strong-willed pup or adult dog is closer than you think. Shih Tzu obedience training is fairly straightforward on…

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