Even though basic training is similar to most of the dog breeds, there are specific training that you can apply in raising your Shih Tzu dogs. If you adopt these training methods, it will make it easier on your part to raise your Shih Tzu and you will have a peaceful home environment. A dog that is trained well is a calm dog and they will only want to please you and to show you affection.

When we say training, we are referring to having your Shih Tzu undergo housebreaking, house training, and potty training which means the same thing to most of the people but actually has different approaches to each.


Training Shih Tzu Puppies

Positive Reinforcement

It has been proven through many studies that using positive reinforcement in training your Shih Tzu works really well than punishing them when they do something wrong. Punishment only brings fear to them and not respect to you. It will not help either of you if you raise your voice or be upset when your Shih Tzu does something that doesn’t please you. Sometimes your dog can misinterpret it like when the dog is barking, he might think that you are joining him.

If you want to correct your Shih Tzu, raise your voice and clap your hands in a way that would make your dog take a pause. After that, you can run over, scoop the dog up and bring him outside of the house and then give him a praise or a reward. Make it very clear for the dog to distinguish when you are pleased or not but do it in a positive way.

Housebreaking and Commands

You need to have actions that will help your Shih Tzu distinguish when their action is correct or not and in order for a dog to understand that, you need both praise and reward.

For a reward, always have treats within reach so whenever your dog does something good, you can reward him automatically. But take note that for the treats, you need to stick to one brand so they can distinguish a regular meal from a reward treat. It should be of the appropriate size, not too huge because it can interfere with their meal times.


Training Shih Tzu Puppies

Dogs can either have short-term or long-term memory and training will be very effective if done over and over again so that it will be stored in your Shih Tzus long-term memory. Positive reinforcement and redundancy in your actions is the best way to train your Shih Tzu.


Consistency and redundancy go hand in hand. When you train your Shih Tzu, you need to make sure that each training opportunity is mostly the same. In terms of housebreaking, we suggest to take your dog out on specific schedules, use the same words or phrases for commands and have one designated area for your dog to follow it. Let everyone know in the household of all the training methods you use for the dog and have them follow it to avoid confusion.


Even though Shih Tzu dogs are very clever and sweet, make sure that you have realistic expectations for them. When it comes to training, some puppies might understand what to do but they might not physically follow. In-house training, for example, some puppies might not be able to hold it as long as they need to.

Working Together

Training is not just an individual effort. You, your dog and everyone involved should work together as a team. Your dog is looking to you for instructions or guides and all of these should be delivered in a positive manner.