Fireworks are a part of the traditions around the world which is usually every New Year for around the globe and for Bonfire Night in the United Kingdom held every November 5th. In each country, there are different versions in celebrating but it is sure that most of the celebration will include fireworks or light displays. These surely add flavor to the excitement as we end a year and start a new one.

However, for our pets, this moment is very haunting because all the sound that comes from the fireworks are doubled or even tripled when it enters their eardrums. This is why dogs get so afraid and anxious when they hear the cracking sound of fireworks. Not to mention there are also loud music and flashes of lights. This will absolutely give them lots of terror and stress.

Take this Shih Tzu for example who can’t relax in the midst of the firework noises:


If you are a Shih Tzu owner who knows that your dog shows intense behaviors when there are fireworks and loud noises, it is very important to give them some help.

Be There for Them

There is a misconception that you need to gradually expose your Shih Tzu dogs to loud sounds and light flashes but this doesn’t work all the time because when the clock hits 12 on January 1, there is a big chance that they will forget everything and go into panic mode. As an owner, the best thing you can do for them is to give them assurance by means of petting, hugging and spending time with them when the fireworks and loud noises go off.

Buy Relaxing Tablets

Fireworks - Preparing and Comforting Your Shih Tzu

There are also relaxing tablets that you can purchase which contains chamomile, a substance that helps soothe your Shih Tzu’s system.

Find a Comfortable Spot

Making your Shih Tzu more relaxed will help you control his reactions as the fireworks start at midnight. Another thing you can do for your Shih Tzu is to prepare for him a spot in the house where they can find comfort and security. Make sure that he will feel safe in this certain spot and visit him in that spot as much as you can. This place can be an isolated room or basement where you can leave him with water, treats, and a comfortable bed inside a container with a roof. Enclosed and dark areas will help calm down your Shih Tzu and it makes him feel safer because he will think that the fireworks won’t get to him.

As we celebrate certain occasions that involve fireworks, it is part of our responsibilities as Shih Tzu owners to provide them with just what they need – protection, security, and a place where they can feel safe and sound.