A Shih Tzu bites the owner whenever he applies eye drops – Deep Corneal Ulcer

A corneal ulcer is a break in the integrity of the cornea. It is very painful. The Shih Tzu bites the owner to protect himself from more pain. After 6 days, the owner consulted the vet. The treatment is tarsorrhaphy…


This video shows you how to bath your Shih Tzu (with homemade shampoo for allergies) & towel dry them until they are almost fully dry!

How to bathe a Shih Tzu or a Brachycephalic Breed

Bathing a Shih Tzu can be challenging especially the face. Because Shih Tzu's are a Brachycephalic breed, meaning they are a short-nosed dog, washing the face can be difficult. Be careful not to get water in the nostrils. Using a…

Shih Tzu Dog Breed- How To Help A Dog Giving Birth

Amazing pregnant Shih Tzu dog giving birth for the first time then she nursing and playing with them look so cute. Related Dog Breeds :- Imperial shih tzu, Shih tzu gifts, Shih tzu temperament, Shih Tzu Puppies, bathe a Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu Skin Allergy, Eye Care & Diet

Do not feed your Shih Tzu foods with grains in them (ie. pizza crust, bread, wheat, oats, etc….). Here are some of the products that you can use to keep your Shih Tzu in good health. Diet: (Grain Free) Taste…

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