When we talk about different types of Shih Tzu dog food, most people think of kibble which is so far the most popular form of dog food. Actually, that’s not always true because, before World War II, canned food was the trend. Nowadays, both canned and kibble are available in the market that people might think feeding a Shih Tzu is as easy as 1-2-3. Unfortunately, in a very competitive era such as ours, more types of dog food are starting to sprout making it difficult for Shih Tzu owners to decide on which type of dog food they are going to buy.

To make things even more difficult, various ingredients and formulas are added to the Shih Tzu dog food. So on top of choosing the type of food for your dog, you also need to choose the type of ingredient or formula you want to mix with it. Now that just looks like choosing your dog’s food is more complicated than choosing your own food.

You think it ends there? Well, take note that for each type of dog food, there are also different labels such as organic, natural, premium, raw, grain-free, vegetarian, and many, many more. Furthermore, there are types of dog food promoted for each dog breed at a specific age for a specific body system. It’s as complicated as it sounds that you might be considering at this very moment to just make a home-made meal for your dog.


This article will be discussing a few types of dog food that is commercially available for you to purchase.

Types of Shih Tzu Dog Food – Kibble (Dry Food)

Types of Shih Tzu Dog Food

Dry dog food or kibble is the most common dog food available on the market, especially in the United States. This type of dog food is known for being tasty and digestible for Shih Tzu breeds. Dry dog food usually contains fats, meats, grains, fish, fruits, vegetables, vitamins, minerals, along with 10% water and a certain amount of protein.

Dry dog food or kibble is famous among dog owners because they are very economical and convenient. They can last a long time on your shelves or storage boxes and is a very good way to prevent dental problems to your Shih Tzu. This type of dog food is preferred because spoilage won’t be a very big issue.

Types of Shih Tzu Dog Food – Canned (Wet Food)

Types of Shih Tzu Dog Food

Wet dog food or canned food is a very good type of dog food for those that are recovering from a surgery or illness or simply for those dogs who just won’t eat kibble. This type of food is processed and are packed in cans or containers. Some people prefer the process it undergoes because it kills harmful bacterias.

Types of Shih Tzu Dog Food – Refrigerated

Types of Shih Tzu Dog Food

There are types of dog food found in the refrigerated section of a pet store or even at grocery stores. Refrigerated dog food can be eaten raw or cooked and is slowly becoming popular to Shih Tzu breeds.

Common ingredients include poultry, fish, fruits, and vegetables which are known for having high protein and fats which is very good for your Shih Tzu’s health. The disadvantage of this type of dog food is that you can’t store it on your shelves for too long so we suggest to only buy how much your Shih Tzu can eat for a week.

Types of Shih Tzu Dog Food – Dehydrated (Freeze-dry)

Types of Shih Tzu Dog Food

Can also be fed raw or slightly-cooked, this dog food undergoes a drying process which removes its moisture. Food that contains a very small amount of moisture has the most nutrients.

Freeze-dry dog food is processed at either a high temperature or low temperature depending on the ingredients.

Shih Tzu Dog owners prefer this type of dog food to be served as raw as it will be easier to manage.


Dog food has different variations. This is because not all dogs are the same so one food type may taste good to one dog but tastes bad to another. Any kind of dog food you want to feed your Shih Tzu should be fine. Just always bear in mind the food’s quality and the amount of nutrition your dog will get from it. Your choice should also be compatible with your dog’s current health status, age, and activity.

It is very important that you decide not according to the brand or label but according to how your Shih Tzu’s health will be affected.