There are many reasons why it is necessary to do some research and comparisons before choosing a Shih Tzu breeder.  You should never agree to do business with the first breeder you find.  Adopting a Shih Tzu that is right for you means putting a little time and effort into finding the right Shih Tzu Puppies. Don’t forget there are also many SHih Tzu’s of varying ages that you can rescue. There is a lot of joy to be found in adopting a Shih Tzu.


First, some breeders are simply not as good as others.  You will even find those who breed Shih Tzu’s for a living who are not up to par.  They do not take proper care of their Shih Tzu puppies and can be less than honest about health problems or other issues.  You want a breeder who takes excellent care of their Shih Tzu dogs, provides for their needs, and truly loves the Shih Tzu’s that they own and those they sell.  That’s why we recommend always meeting and visiting with your breeder in advance.  When a breeder loves and takes cares for their dogs, it is immediately obvious .

Shih Tzu Breeder Prices

Second, doing business with the first breeder you find can be a mistake financially.  If you do not do some comparison shopping first, you may be unaware of how much Shih Tzu puppies may cost.  At its worst, a disreputable breeder can take advantage of this, and try to charge you much more for the Shih Tzu dogs.  You could end up paying significantly more for your new pet than you should.

How to find a Shih Tzu Breeder

There are two preferred methods of finding breeders.  One is by getting recommendations from other Shih Tzu owners who were satisfied with their experiences and have adopted quality pets.  This is one subject where networking will benefit you.  If you do not know anyone personally who has purchased a Shih Tzu from a breeder, you can receive input and good advice from owners and from online forums and Shih Tzu clubs.

You can also find a breeder  through the UK Shih Tzu Kennel Club or the American Kennel Club.  If you live outside of the USA or the UK please check for your local Kennel club or breeder referral company as they will be able to help. The Kennel Clubs have an ongoing, updated list of breeders for virtually any breed of pedigree dog as well as Shih Tzu’s you might be interested in adopting.

After you have found breeders, doing some comparison shopping will help you to find the best Shih Tzu puppy and the best value.  Even if someone has been personally recommended to you, or appears on the Kennel Club’s listings, comparing a number of breeders will give you the results you want.

Comparing Shih Tzu Breeders

Comparing breeders means preparing your questions and receiving courteous, direct, honest answers.  While the cost of the Shih Tzu is a priority, it is far from being the only topic to address.  There are other factors which go into a successful adoption.  A good breeder will not hesitate in answering any and all of your questions.

The breeder should be willing to fill you in completely about their breeding program.  This includes such factors as how long he has been breeding this particular kind of Shih Tzu, both the positive and negative experiences they have had, and whether it is their full-time job or a hobby.  If they have been breeding Shih Tzu’s for a long period of time, they will be experts and be able to offer help and advice for you and your pet.

The breeder should also be very knowledgeable about the breed, and willing to share this information with you.  From special personality quirks associated with the Shih Tzu to potential health concerns, they will want you to know everything about the Shih Tzu you are adopting.  Not only is this helpful to you, it also shows that they are experienced with the breed and care about the homes their puppy is going to.

Some buyers will want to show their Shih Tzu and others simply want a wonderful family pet. It is important to be upfront with the breeder regarding the role you intend to have for your new Shih Tzu.  If your plan for your Shih Tzu is appropriate, it should not stand in the way of an adoption.  On the other hand, if a breeder is firm about only selling his Shih Tzu for a specific purpose, you might want to consider looking for a different breeder.


A good breeder is also willing to communicate with you after the adoption.  This shows that his interest does not stop at making a sale.  They will want to know that both the customer and the Shih Tzu are happy, comfortable with the new arrangement, and completely satisfied with the adoption.  When these factors are clear in your initial interactions with the breeder, it is a good sign that you have found the right one.

For all of these reasons, you should never settle for the first breeder you find.  You will have a successful adoption when you do some comparisons first.  The breeder will be happy to know their Shih Tzu has a good home, and you and your new pet will both be prepared for a new life together.

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