Say Hi to Karma πŸ™‚

Karma is our little Shih-Tzu and is one of the reasons we created this site as since adopting her it’s been amazing the love we’ve been given and she’s had from family and strangers alike. Her story was not a happy one to begin with, she was found in a port-a-cabin being shipped in from Ireland from a puppy farm along with another 50 or so dogs of varying breeds.

We heard about the plight of these puppies from a family friend and on meeting little Karma, then about 12 weeks old, it really was love at first cuddle! The puppies were quarantined and checked for health and then they were relocated to The Dogs Trust re-homing centres throughout the South Coast. We tracked Karma to Dogs Trust in Shoreham and did everything in our power to ensure we could adopt her.

Karma now

Just passed a year old, Karma is the central point of our family and home. She’s on first name terms with the vet having eaten part of her dog bed as a puppy and picking up doggies gastroenteritis on one of her jaunts along the seafront. She is playful, quirky and an absolute delight. Having taken to videoing some of her antics, we will be sharing them on her YouTube channel and through the site and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Karma Now