There is a reason why the Shih Tzu is such an amazingly special and precious breed of dog. Shih Tzu’s have unique inbred traits that make them one of the best and most loving pets you could ever have. We will be discussing the Shih Tzu personality, it’s behaviour with regards to various age groups, interacting with other dogs, how they blend in with families that include children and cats, and how that slightly stubborn streak that may appear once in a while can be managed!


Even before you interact with a Shih Tzu, you can immediately see what wonderful personalities they have. This breed is extremely friendly and certainly not shy! Shih Tzu’s appear to have a soul that is naturally happy and makes a very loving and wonderful companion. The Shih Tzu is always very close and loyal to its owners, and bonds quickly with anyone who is accepted by the family. Your Shih Tzu will therefore be friendly and un-aggressive towards extended family, friends, neighbours, and even strangers after your pet has read its owners reactions and knows instinctively whether someone is a “friend or foe”.

Shih Tzu Personality And Energy Levels

One of the Shih Tzu’s best personality traits is that they adore to play contently with their owners or others, or run through a field cheerfully like it’s the best place ever. The Shih Tzu can also be completely content to lay on its dog bed, looking on while the family is watching television. If you are busy doing things around the house, your Shih Tzu will watch you silently, and just be happy to be with you inside a safe and warm house. Critical to the health and happiness of the Shih Tzu is having the chance to exercise daily. This indoor dog does definitely need to have a burst of physical activity every day, just to release of some of the energy it reserves during it’s quiet times.

Interaction With Various Ages

One of the Shih Tzu’s greatest traits is that you really can’t categorise this breed as being the best companion for just one age group. The Shih Tzu is perfect company for everyone from elderly individuals living alone to homes that have children. One of the main reasons that make Shih Tzu’s such great therapy dogs is their ability to be comfortable around a wide range of people of all different ages. The Shih Tzu is not high strung or demanding, sticks close to its owner and will happily keep their human company from morning to night. Although they have a small size, they are rather sturdy for a toy breed. This breed also makes a great family pet. Absolutely happy to receive attention and be loved by one person or ten, and makes the perfect family member.

Most of the time, they are perfectly content to just sit quietly, waiting as long as necessary to get that hug and pat that they long for so badly.. It is important to make sure that all family members realise how small the Tzu is, watching where they step and just to take care when playing with their pet. Normal and expected behaviour blends well for interaction with children. Not a snappy or aggressive dog, they will be thrilled to play with toddlers and children. Usually the Tzu will follow their lead. Although they do have a regal appearance, they will merrily play with children of all ages.

Ensure to keep your Shih Tzu’s resting area easily accessible so when your pet needs a break, it can easily retreat to rest. Just two elements to be kept in mind when it comes to children playing with a Shih Tzu. The first being that proper handling techniques need to be taught, including approaching your pet from the side, picking up with both hands and holding close to the body.  The other is that they should be taught not to tease the dog. Like any breed, this could lead to some snapping if teasing causes the Shih Tzu to become overwhelmed or stressed. You should include older children in the feeding and overall care, since that will teach a Shih Tzu how to respect all human beings, no matter what age or size they are.

Frightened Behaviour and Depression

In rare circumstances, some dogs will show signs of being very afraid. It can be towards noises, strangers or just about anything or everything. It is more commonly seen in a rescued Shih Tzu. Although this kind of canine behaviour can be troubling, there are a number of different reasons why a dog may behave this way and there are a number of different methods that can be implemented to try to help your Shih Tzu. It might also cause the dog to become depressed.

Shih Tzu Personality and Other Pets

It usually isn’t an issue to have other dogs, since this dog is usually happy to be friends with most other pets. However, because Shih Tzu’s crave and love attention from human family members so badly, you might want to limit how many pets you have at home if your time is limited. As with any other dog breed, it is possible that your Shih Tzu might have a hard time adjusting to a new dog coming into your household.


The thought that Shih Tzu’s have a stubborn streak shouldn’t be taken out of context nor over exaggerated. As Tzu’s are so playful, animated and lively, they may become happily oblivious to the serious need of training and housebreaking. So in order to ensure the necessary training, the owner might need to spend a little more time with a Shih Tzu than with some other breeds. If an owner is consistent, patient and takes the necessary time, the Shih Tzu can definitely be trained; they can even excel with advanced commands, like those given at a dog show agility event. Here is a video showing some Shih Tzu puppies merrily playing and that wonderful Shih Tzu personality !

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