If you are looking for a Shih Tzu to take home with you, you will find that there are a number of Shih Tzu mix breeds or hybrids that are available for sale. The biggest difference between a pure Shih Tzu and Shih Tzu mix breeds are the parent. In a pure Shih Tzu, both parents are purebred Shih Tzu while Shih Tzu mix breeds are ​​a cross between a Shih Tzu and another dog breed. The Shih Tzu Mix is ​​therefore not a purebred dog. Purebred Shih Tzu, which are protected as a dog breed, do not have genes and properties from other dog breeds.


The best-known mix-breeds include Shih Tzu Maltese, Yorkshire Shih Tzu and Mini Shih Tzu. This is a mixture of Shih Tzu and Maltese, Shih Tzu and Yorkshire Terrier and Mini Pinscher Shih Tzu. A Shih Tzu Mix does not have the pure genes of the conventional Shih Tzu because it is a mixed breed. However, this does not make them less attractive.

Shih Tzu mixes usually have features that are similar to a pure breed Shih Tzu and if you are simply looking for a cute, small, loyal and happy dog, then a Shih Tzu Mix breed can definitely be great dogs and a good choice for you.



Of course, you should always keep in mind that there are certain risks when buying a Shih Tzu mix. They are much more difficult to find because you need to meet a really good and specialized breeder and most of them don’t sell Shih Tzu mixes. Animals that are not pure breed always have risks with regards to health, possible hereditary diseases, breeding diseases and socialization. We are not discouraging you to get a Shih Tzu mix but it’s important for you to be aware of the risks so you’re careful when getting one.

Shih Tzu mixes can be absolutely sweet and cute as well as loyal companions. If you proceed with caution in getting one, make sure that they are in good health and if it’s possible, get information about their parents to know more about their mix breed and traits.



They are usually very similar but there are slight differences that can help you distinguish them, the length of the body depends on the breed of the mix and a pure Shih Tzu usually has a short body and a high head. As for the hair, a Shih Tzu mix usually has their hair parted in the middle or scattered around and a pure Shih Tzu have it wrapping all around them. The hair color is similar to the parents. Other useful indicators are the shoulder height, which is lower for pure breed Shih Tzus and a raised tail that is typical to them as well.


Both pure and Shih Tzu mixes behave like very friendly dogs. The difference you can notice is that a pure Shih Tzu is kind to the guests of the house and to everyone who lives in it while a typical Shih Tzu mix prefers to have confidence only with those who live in the house. For this reason, a pure Shih Tzu will be more skilled when it comes to training since they deal better with strangers; they will be more obedient to the trainer than a Shih Tzu mix. Though Shih Tzu mix has their perks too depending on the breed of their parent that is not a pure Shih Tzu.

SHIH TZU MIX BREED in bicycle basket


We can give you a thousand tips, but until you see for yourself the difference, you will not understand at all. If you have friends with Shih Tzu mix breeds, observe them carefully to try and understand the differences we have explained in this article in terms of appearance and behavior. If you don’t have friends with Shih Tzu mix breeds, you can look at some pictures of these cute mixes on the Internet and compare them with each other. In the end, you will be able to differentiate them automatically without having to think about it too much.

Really both are great. Depending on your taste and lifestyle, you may want to opt for one or the other. Nonetheless, Shih Tzus, pure breed or not, are great for people with ample social life since they can be easily taken to the public when trained properly. They are responsible and obedient dogs and can even do tricks such as sitting, playing dead or kicking. The problem is that you will have to cut their hair once in a while and worry about eye problems (common in Shih Tzu breeds) which is why they need visits to the veterinarian and constant check-ups.


ShihPoo: Shih Tzu and Toy Poodle

ShihPoo: Shih Tzu and Toy Poodle

Mix Dog Name ShihPoo
Personality Playful, loyal, affectionate
Characteristics Round face, round eyes, long nose, drooping ears, triangular nose
Crossbreed dog breed Toy Poodle

ShihPoo is a mixed dog that combines Shih Tzu and a toy poodle. It’s a popular breed of Shih Tzu mixed dogs.

They are playful and sociable, so you don’t have to be very specific in the environment that they are being raised in. They can be kept in families with children and elderly. They are also recommended for beginners because they have the wisdom to behave in a way that suits the situation they’re in.

They have a distinctive “round face and eyes”, “long nose”, “hanging ears” and “triangular nose”, and many have a teddy bear-like appearance. There are two types of coat observed in a ShihPoo: long and silky hair and a short and curly hair.

ShihPome: Shih Tzu and Pomeranian

ShihPome: Shih Tzu and Pomeranian

Mix Dog Name ShihPome, PomShih, PomTzu
Personality A little stubborn but calm most of the time
Characteristics Dense and moist fluffy fur
Crossbreed dog breed Pomeranian

ShihPoo is a mixed breed dog that combines Shih Tzu and Pomeranian. This is also called PomShih or PomTzu.

Although they have a few stubborn aspects, they are mostly calm all the time so they are an ideal breed even for beginners.

They have two types of coats: fluffy coats like Pomeranian and moist coats like Shih Tzu.

ShihDax: Shih Tzu and Miniature Dachshund

ShihDax: Shih Tzu and Miniature Dachshund

Mix Dog Name ShihDax
Personality Self-paced, friendly, curious
Characteristics Long body length, Short legs, and silky fur
Crossbreed dog breed Minature Daschund

ShihDax is a mixed dog that combines Shih Tzu and a miniature dachshund.

Although they move at their own pace, they have a friendly personality. Many of the puppies inherit their body length and short legs like dachshunds, and they inherit the silky hair from their Shih Tzu parents.  They are a dog breed that can have various hairstyles depending on the cut.

AussTzu: Shih Tzu and Mini Australian Shepherd

AussTzu: Shih Tzu and Mini Australian Shepherd

Mix Dog Name AussTzu
Personality Outgoing, active
Characteristics Tiny and grows fur fast
Crossbreed dog breed Australian Shepherd

This is a Shih Tzu cross breed with an outgoing personality. Even though they are small in nature, they can grow an immense amount of fur so they need to be groomed on a regular basis. They are very active which makes them perfect companions to those who love the outdoors. This also means that they need more protein in their diet in order to meet their active body’s needs.

MalShih: Shih Tzu and Maltese

MalShih: Shih Tzu and Maltese

Mix Dog Name MalShih
Personality Playful, active, outgoing
Characteristics Friendly and calm
Crossbreed dog breed Maltese

This is one of the most famous hypoallergenic dog breeds and is considered a designer breed. They are very playful and friendly which makes them great around kids. They can also just sit contently on your lap if you wanted them to.

ShiChi: Shih Tzu and Chihuahua

ShiChi: Shih Tzu and Chihuahua

Mix Dog Name ShiChi, ChiTzu
Personality Strong but affectionate
Characteristics Short, medium, or long coat
Crossbreed dog breed Chihuahua

This is a very popular Shih Tzu mix among other mix breeds. In fact, the American Canine Hybrid Club has already recognized them. They are very popular amongst people because of their unique personality. They are also great around children but they need to be well-taken cared of because of their small size.

CavaTzu: Shih Tzu and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

CavaTzu: Shih Tzu and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Mix Dog Name CavaTzu
Personality Energetic, smart, friendly
Characteristics Long and silky coat with moderate shedding
Crossbreed dog breed Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This Shih Tzu mix breed looks more like a Shih Tzu than a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. They can be found in different colors. Even though they’re small, they are very energetic. They are also great around children which makes them perfect for families.

Shorkie: Shih Tzu and Yorkshire Terrier

Shorkie: Shih Tzu and Yorkshire Terrier

Mix Dog Name Shorkie, Shorkie Tzu
Personality Kind, obedient, lively, loyal
Characteristics Light shedding
Crossbreed dog breed Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

They are cutest among the other Shih Tzu mix breeds. They are slowly becoming popular. In fact, they are now considered a designer dog breed. Because of their small size, they can’t be guard dogs but they can be watch dogs because of their alertness.

French Bull Tzu: Shih Tzu and French Bulldog

French Bull Tzu: Shih Tzu and French Bulldog

Mix Dog Name French Bull Tzu
Personality Loving, lively
Characteristics Not so active, can easily adapt
Crossbreed dog breed French Bulldog

This is a very unique Shih Tzu mix breed. The very common appearance of this mix breed is a French Bulldog with long fur. They are very adaptable which means that they are ideal pets for those who live in an apartment. They also don’t need too much physical activity which makes it easier for owners to take care of them.

HavaTzu: Shih Tzu and Havanese

HavaTzu: Shih Tzu and Havanese

Mix Dog Name HavaTzu
Personality Friendly, adaptable
Characteristics Hypoallergenic coat
Crossbreed dog breed Havanese

The HavaTzu is very friendly towards strangers. They are also great around children and even around a family making them ideal pets for households. They do not shed too much which means that they are perfect for those who have allergies. They are slo adaptable, they can be active or calm depending on their environment.

JackTzu: Shih Tzu and Jack Russell Terrier

JackTzu: Shih Tzu and Jack Russell Terrier

Mix Dog Name JackTzu
Personality Cuddly, friendly, active
Characteristics Small, thick coat, short nose
Crossbreed dog breed Jack Russel Terrier

They are cuddly, friendly, and active designer dogs that have characteristics that are mostly of Shih Tzus. They are smart and energetic and are ideal for those who live in an apartment or a small home.


Step 1: Buy a Cage

Use a cage large enough for the dog to stand and change position but not too huge. Keep the cage near your bed for the first few weeks so that the first nights are not so stressful for the dog. Plan to have them in their cage at night and stay in it when you’re not home. Make sure to fill the cage with a bed and some toys so that your dog is comfortable.

Step 2: Buy Necessary Things

Buy the other items you’ll need including collar, leash, healthy food and dishes for food and water. Ask the breeder you got the dog from what food they have been given and buy the same food if possible. You can change their food later if you wish but do not do so immediately. Buy steel plates that don’t absorb food odors and cannot be chewed. Place the dishes in the area you have designated.

Step 3: Plan the First Few Days

Plan to take your dog home on Friday or Saturday or anytime that allows you to be home with them for a few days. Try to have your dog poop and pee outside before taking them inside your home for the first time. If they do, tell them something to encourage them such as a “good puppy” praise and pet them as a reward.

Step 4: Food and Water

Place half a cup of food on your dog’s plate and freshwater within the first hour of taking them home; then place the dog in front of the dishes. They may not be hungry yet but doing this will introduce them to the place where they will find food and water. If you eat or drink, take them outside to teach them to respect your mealtimes.

Step 5: Meal Schedule

Plan your dog’s meal schedule. Shih Tzu mix breeds usually eat small amounts in the day so always provide them with some food and plenty of freshwater. One idea is to fill their plate of food three times a day with half a cup of food and increase the amount as they grow. When they reach six months of age, give them a full cup twice a day.

Step 6: Crate Training

Place your dog near their cage and let them investigate the area in and around it. Placing a small snack in the cage will help you attract them into the cage and allow them to begin to associate it with positive things.

Place your dog in the cage at night. To help calm their initial nerves, try placing a warm towel in the cage or a small radio next to the cage during the first few weeks. Be sure to take them out once every night and before you put them in their cage to sleep.

Place your dog in the cage whenever you plan to be away from home, such as when you go to work. If you are going to go to work all day, you must plan whether you return home at lunch to be able to take out your dog or have a friend or neighbor take them out. After six weeks or so, your dog must be able to remain in their cage for the entire day even when you’re not around.

Shih Tzu Mix Breed taking a walk

Step 7: Daily Walk

Plan a walking routine to meet your dog’s needs. Because your dog has little control over their bladder and is not trained yet, plan the walks every hour or two for a long time and congratulate them when they do it in the designated area. After three or four weeks, try to spread more hours of walking. After six weeks, they should be able to endure four to five hours if they need to. Always go for a walk with your dog after feeding them, when you get home, and just before sleeping.

Step 8: Discipline

Do not scold your dog if you find that they pooed or peed inside the house. Only scold them if you catch him on the spot, and then take them outside so they can finish there. Always clean an accident inside the house with an odor neutralizer to prevent your dog from locating the aroma and returning there for their needs in the same place.

Step 9: Veterinarian Appointment

Schedule an appointment with a veterinarian to have your dog checked and assign schedules for their vaccinations. Talk to them about the meal schedules and care plans that you have implemented for the Shih Tzu mix breed since the vet could have some advice or changes to make, depending on your dog’s health and age. For the first year of your dog’s life, plan to make regular visits to the veterinarian every two to three months for vaccinations and check-ups.

Shih Tzu in the woods


A Shih Tzu mix breed’s appearance varies depending on their parents’ features. It may be different from what you imagined while they are still small but it is one of the pleasures of having a Shih Tzu mix breed. Until the end, nurture them with affection because that’s what all dog deserves.