Here’s an easy overview of some Shih Tzu gifts for Christmas. Yes, the year is almost over again and Christmas is almost at the door. So it’s time to ask ourselves what we could give our loved ones for Christmas. But is not there someone at your feet looking at you with that adorable face and thinking about Christmas too? 

We have put together some original gift ideas for your fur baby that will make both you and your Shih Tzu happy this Christmas season. In addition to loving people and beautiful gifts, a healthy Shih Tzu is certainly the most beautiful thing you can have for Christmas. Chocolate, for example, is poisonous to any dog and you should therefore always make sure that your Shih Tzu stays away from it. 

Biscuits, nuts, savoury biscuits, etc. can also harm your Shih Tzu and should not be fed to them either. You may want to have them enjoy the holidays with you as a beloved family member, but how?


With our lively four-legged friends in the house, remember that the Christmas tree should be specially secured so there are no accidents during the holidays.

Your Shih Tzu is guaranteed to be happy when some special treats or surprises awaits for them on Christmas Eve. Additionally, your Shih Tzu will find it much more exciting if he or she has to work in unwrapping their Christmas presents or has to look for them. Making it all an exciting game means they will enjoy the fun and festivities of Christmas as much as the rest of the family!


Popular gifts at a glance

  • Clothing for Shih Tzu and Shih Tzu owners
  • Dog treats
  • Shih Tzu portrait / painting / drawing
  • Shih Tzu T-Shirt (find awesome ones HERE)
  • Leads and collars
  • Shih Tzu Cups
  • Shih Tzu Bags and Phone covers
  • Shih Tzu Doggie Bowls
  • Shih Tzu Coats and Jumpers
  • Training lessons for Shih Tzu and owner (digital courses)

Merry Christmas: These gifts will pamper your Shih Tzu

With a new collar, your faithful four-legged friend is definitely dressed for any occasion. There are different designs, materials and sizes, and the right collar for your Shih Tzu is a perfect treat. 

There are many types of collars available. You can have one that your dog uses every day and then another for special occasions or one to match different outfits! The choice is limitless. You can select from luxuriously crafted Shih Tzu collars made of high-quality leather with jewellery trim or embroidery to offer a touch of luxury. 

Of course, there is also a leash for everything. For winter walks, your Shih Tzu is looking forward to a good, waterproof lead – you can even these with matching collars and leashes.

After romping in the snow you can give your little dog a soothing and drying massage with a wellness glove specially designed for small breeds like Shih Tzus. The material of this product is very absorbent and slightly knobbled so that the skin is well supplied with blood and warmed up. On days with bad weather, you should think of diversified and sophisticated toys for indoors. That’s how winter and Christmas can come easy!

Treats Gifts: Delicious Christmas for your Shih Tzu

Treats Gifts: Delicious Christmas for your Shih Tzu

A few extra treats are of course allowed on Christmas. However, it should always be healthy and Shih Tzu-friendly so that they don’t harm your four-legged darling in any way. Celebrating Christmas safely with your Shih Tzu is often just applying a little thought and care.

The best gift boxes for Shih Tzus contain a delicious mix of food, snacks and – as a real surprise for your four-legged friend – great toys. Your fur baby will not only be full on the holidays but also happy. 

For all Christmas treats, there should always be something to help your Shih Tzu with their dental care. This can be special chewing bones, dried meat or dry snacks with appropriate cleaning properties for the teeth. Even for sensitive stomachs, there is a wide selection of gentle food, chews or nutritional supplements that will give your Shih Tzu a healthy and really tasty treat this Christmas.

Lovely Christmas: Gifts and more for your Shih Tzu

Your four-legged friend deserves to be pampered on the holidays with a treat! While we humans enjoy good food, mulled wine, cookies, and chocolate, your Shih Tzu should not go empty-handed and be given some treats. But beware: Make sure to stick with safe dog treats. They are designed to won’t cause any health issues to your dog.

Dry chews: Good for dental and helps fight boredom!

Whether it’s dry beef, sheep, poultry or fish and horse chews, chewing is a staple of any Shih Tzu treats. They are great to keep them occupied as it gives them something to nibble at.

It’s really a question of the personal preference of your Shih Tzu, whether they prefer chewing on cattle ears, salmon filet nuggets, or horse lung. 

Dishes, leashes and collars

Both Shih Tzu collar, leash, and harness should endure a lot of wind, weather and dirt throughout the year because when your Shih Tzu is frolic, it is not enough that their accessories just look nice. They need to be able to be used by your Shih Tzu for a long time.

Luckily, there is a huge selection of products for you and your dog. And let’s be honest: Leash, collar and harness should not only work flawlessly but also look beautiful. Luckily, both are possible!

Collars made of leather look classy and elegant. They also have a long life and are therefore always good for everyday use. If you want a colourful and eye-catching collar, grab the beautiful Shih Tzu leather collars that have a designer flair to them.

In addition to the classic collars, the Shih Tzu harness is also becoming increasingly popular. 

There are some indestructible leather-based products that really make a huge difference. They offer both functionality and style. They tend to be more expensive but then they are durable and will last a long time.

The nylon models tend to be slightly lighter and more suitable for Shih Tzus that are still growing and need to be re-sized slightly more often. 

An unbeatable advantage of the Shih Tzu harness has all to do with the tensile load. In plain language, it does not put pressure solely around the neck but spreads over the back and rib cage. It’s more comfortable for you Tzu and gives you good control without any issue.

Incidentally, it is now very easy to attach reflectors, Shih Tzu tags or other accessories when the days are shorter and nights are longer. Adding better visibility makes it safer for you and your dog when out walking.

If you want to add a stylish touch then you can choose a neckerchief accessory. It just sits around your Shih Tzu’s neck and some even can be attached to the collar. They are a lovely accessory for a male or female Shih Tzu and can add a sweet and personal touch. 

Winter coats for Shih Tzus

Winter coats for Shih Tzus

Coats and sweaters are popular dog accessories and they are also practical. Because of their hair, Shih Tzu’s are not a breed that is a great fan of the cold. A coat is perfect for outside and a sweater can keep them snug when they are indoors with you.

Dog coats not only keep the temperature of your Shih Tzu nice and warm but are also waterproof. We think it’s a great addition for the many rainy, snowy or windy days in winter. Let’s be honest: As much as we love our Shih Tzus it’s not nice having the home smell like a wet dog! 

Does your Shih Tzu have a playful streak? Most of them do even when they become a senior. If that’s the case, then one of the most popular Christmas gifts is a nice plaything. This will make you, your Shih Tzu, and your Christmas special as you can spend some quality time playing with them!


They come in all shapes and sizes but aim for the smaller ones as the Shih Tzu is a small breed. We think that balls are great because they are easy to find in the grass because of their colourful colours and some float on the water.

At the latest, if you have spent a few months with your Shih Tzu friend, you know that it’s not just about equipping them with all the important accessories, but also about yourself as a responsible Shih Tzu owner.



Shoes for walking

Shih Tzu owners are inevitably all-weather strollers. And many of us like to walk with their four-legged friends in forests and meadows. Good shoes are essential. High rubber boots not only look stylish but also ensure that you keep your feet dry even in constant rain. Even hiking boots do their job in the forest but do not always look so trendy. Our tip: At the moment there are boots in the trade as rubber shoes in abundance – and that of trendy brands in the normal shoe business! This will make you really the trendsetter.

Jackets and Vests

Appropriate outerwear for all weather conditions is as important as shoes. And because you wear them every day, this could be a nice present on your list, or you can give it to your partner. A good jacket or vest for Shih Tzu owners are characterized by the fact that they are not only waterproof and warm but also has many pockets for inserting treats, Kutchenchen, click material or other accessories. Because one thing is certain: During a walk, you carry around a lot with you. Have a look at the selection in our online shop!


We find hardly anything more unpleasant than freezing hands in winter, which are additionally strained by a wet or ice-cold leash. In the meantime, countless variations are found in the market, which protects against wetness and can give you some grip. You will find matching gloves made of high-quality material, which come along as classic or trendy.


You want to give a friendly Shih Tzu owner something for Christmas, but you are not sure what he needs? You might want to give them gift vouchers for online shops because the Shih Tzu owners usually know best what their Shih Tzu needs and wants. 

Converting Shih Tzu picture into art

A Christmas present of a very special kind is converting a treasured photo of a Tzu into a piece of art. We recommend creating beautiful, hand-drawn images from your friend’s Shih Tzu photos.

See the one below of Karma taken from a simple snap and see how it looks like a pencil sketch.


Finding the best Christmas present for your Shih Tzu and someone you know who loves Shih Tzu is easier than you thought because what makes a Shih Tzu happy is what makes the owner happy – and vice verse.

Our tip: Always pay attention to the quality of your gifts, they should be good for the Shih Tzu and the owner. This being said, I wish you lots of fun in the search for the perfect Shih Tzu gift this Christmas.