A panting Shih Tzu has congestive heart failure. Cannot lie down on her chest

The 10-year-old Shih Tzu coughs frequently. Now she cannot lie down on her chest but sits upright overnight. Her rectal temperature is low. Blood test shows bacterial infection of the blood. X-rays shows a much enlarged left heart with most…

How to groom Shihtzu mohawk & Asian muzzle

Showing some tips on how to set mohawk lines, and get that cute oval muzzle. Scissors used are sharkfins chunker, 7″ curved, 5″ 40 tooth blender. Spray used is k9 competition texture spray. Comb is utsumi half Moon.

Shilo the Shih Tzu and Nala the kitten

Shilo the Shih Tzu decided to care of Nala the kitten who was taken away a little bit too early for her Mama. There is a strong mama bond with this Kitty.

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