Crystal Blue, the Shih Tzu, Short Summer Cut

How to DIY Shih Tzu haircut at home. From head to tail. This is a short haircut, perfect for summer or anytime if your preference is for short. Except I dont shave down her legs, which is a look I steer away from. She has nice full rounded legs, and a teddy bear face. Grows out nicely. Step by step demo.I usually start off the hotter months with this haircut and am able to maintain her look by just doing facial trims, and by fall her coat is full again and then I trim her into her winter cut. Hope this is helpful for someone. I know that when I was first learning how to, I would have benefited greatly from observing how its done. To read on how I got my Shih Tzu use to being groomed and other Shih Tzu care articles please read my blog. Here is a link…

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