Say Hi to Coco πŸ™‚

Coco is my little Shih-Tzu and is one of the reasons we created this site. Since adopting her, it’s been amazing the love we’ve been given and she’s had from family and strangers alike. Her story was not a happy one to begin with, she was rescued from a family who were hours away from putting her to sleep.

She was rescued with minutes to spare, underfed, only being given scraps once a day, never exercised and it was clear she was potentially being used for puppy farming. She was very nervous and terrified of toys yet remarkably social with humans and other animals.

Coco now

Without a precise age, we know Coco is around 3-4 years old. 6 months in with her new family, she is the central point of the family home. She’s on first name terms with the vet having needed to be checked for general health and she likes to be social yet remains a little nervous. She is playful, quirky and an absolute delight. She is also one of THE most vocal dogs, not just growling but barking, yipping and making a range of delightful noises to tell you all about her day.