Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the very adorable

★★ Shih Tzu Star for the Month of February ★★

Shih Tzu Mum:  Paula Brown





Treats if her mum would let her 🙂




Ball (goes crazy and shouts at her mum to play)



She’s an absolute nuts but her mum adores her a lot



Paula had a westie Molly for 10 years. Paula’s next door neighbour’s dog attacked Molly and she had to be put to sleep. Paula was heartbroken and absolutely devastated, she couldn’t look at other dogs. She was so lost without Molly, no structure to her day. Eventually, her friend said she needed another dog. She tried to adopt from a local dog charity ( who she actually work for). They said no because she hasn’t got a secure garden, they are communal gardens. So she went online and found Bella. She had her on November 21st and she has really saved her from the depression she went into and also dealing with the courts as she took her neighbour to court for the attack. Bella is her little saviour. Paula is disabled and can’t get about properly but Bella gives her a reason to get up and out. Only short walks but several times a day. Bella is an angel that helped fix Paula.


Bella is just so adorable, we can never get enough of her!

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