Shih Tzu Allergies

Many Shih Tzu allergies are mistakenly diagnosed with an illness, such as a respiratory infection. Why are so many pets given the wrong treatment? It is because the the symptoms of an allergic reaction may be very similar to an illness……

Oliver the Shih Tzu Embarks on Operation Smile

Oliver the Shih Tzu Embarks on Operation Smile- Oliver is a 4 -year-old male Shih Tzu mix that joined the Brant County SPCA family as a stray on May 10th, after being found near the landfill. Oliver is about to embark…

Shih Tzu Dogs – Basic Care

Check out this quick video that gives some really helpful tips and advice on the Shih Tzu breed. Great advice on some basic care to help you get started as a new owner and some lovely image as well.

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