Cutting the hair of your Shih Tzu yourself is not that hard as you think it is and you can do it perfectly with the help of a good clipper or blades. In a time when grooming prices are high and when we have to tolerate things like Covid-19 lockdown, being able to groom your Shih Tzu for many of us is more vital than ever.

In this guide, we have prepared for you some information on the best hair clipper blades available in the market for your Shih Tzu. Every Shih Tzu’s need is unique so choose the one that best suits their characteristics and of course, your budget.

Like us, our beloved Shih Tzus need a good haircut from time to time. There are hundreds of different models of hair clipper blades available for a Shih Tzu and it’s not always easy to determine the best one on the market. Hopefully, through the recommendations from this article, we can help you choose the one that can meet you and your Shih Tzu’s needs when it comes to grooming.


One question many people ask is whether or not they can use a dog hair clipper for humans or vice versa and the answer is NO.

The clearest difference between the two is in the power of the clipper. In general, a dog hair clipper is much more powerful and has a greater force when it comes to cutting the hair. They are also a little quieter so as not to make the dog nervous. This should be taken into account, since your Shih Tzu will probably feel more comfortable with a quiet clipper.

Although it seems obvious, it never hurts to remember that our Shih Tzus should not be groomed with the products that we, humans, use. Shih Tzus have a very unique hair and we must use brushes and combs designed specifically for their fur.

Humans have very fine hair and therefore, a light-duty hair clipper must be used to cut our locks.. But with a light-duty hair clipper, you would never be able to properly cut your Shih Tzu’s hair. This is why you would have to use specialized dog hair clippers to cut their hair. It avoids messy cuts and minimizes the risk of pulling the fur and causing your Shih Tzu pain or discomfort.

When trying to pick a hair clipper blades for your Shih Tzu, pay close attention to the power-to-noise ratio. Also, make sure that the blades of the clipper that you’re going to buy are of good quality and if possible, made of stainless steel. There are some good ceramic blades on the market in the budget range but stainless steel lasts longer and provides a cleaner cut for your dog.



Clipper Types

It is important to know that there are two fundamental types of dog hair clippers: those that have cables and those that are wireless. The former are the most traditional ones on the market where the length of the cable is important since it will determine your amount of movement while cutting your Shih Tzu’s hair. You can also get some models of hair clippers that have a mobility mechanism, which provides 360° movement at the tip of the clipper’s cable so that it does not get tangled whenever you’re using it.

On the other hand, wireless clippers are easier to use and are more practical because you will have total freedom of movement without depending on the cable or the plug location. Also, the usage time of each clipper will depend on the model you choose, you will find some with 50 minutes or more than an hour of duration per charge. In this case, the batteries determine their usage time before you need to recharge them again.

Clipper / Grooming Accessories

Another factor to consider when buying a clipper are the accessories. When buying a clipper, you will usually get combs or cutting guides along with it which will give versatility to the product and allow you to make different types of hairstyles. The cutting guides can help you minimize the tangled hairs of your Shih Tzu because depending on their thickness, they can offer unique cutting styles. Each of the accessories included when buying a clipper blades will determine the length and thickness that you can cut the hair of your Shih Tzu. Bear in mind that for cuts like the popular puppy cut the length on the back is often different to the length on their legs..

The most traditional clipper models can have 2 or 3 combs along with them, but there are others that have more than 7 combs and can even include scissors. They are almost always purchased by professionals but these clippers are easy to use and anyone can use them for the domestic care of their pets.

Dog Clipper Design

Design is another thing that you must take into account when choosing a clipper because it will determine the comfort with which you are able to use it. For this reason, it is important that you choose one with ergonomic design and that adapts easily to the shape of your hand.

In addition to that, it is recommended that you choose a model that is not very heavy because the hair clipper blades are tools that you will have to operate on your Shih Tzu for an extended period of time. You should also pay attention to the outer material, mainly the handle. It must be non-slip and must offer some texture; In this way, you will not have risks of the clipper blades moving improperly while you’re using it on your Shih Tzu.


There are many materials that are used to manufacture dog clippers. Almost every one of them is made of metal or steel to make them more durable. You can also find cutting guides and combs made of plastic or ceramic along with it.

Also, the blades are a very important part of the clipper because without them, it’s not possible to cut your Shih Tzu’s hair. The blades must be precise and are made of steel and coated with titanium or ceramic so they can move smoothly through your Shih Tzu’s coat.

The materials used for the clipper is also closely linked to impact how much they cost. Depending on the materials, the price can increase or decrease. However, this will not be a problem because there’s a great variety of them on the market. You can buy an expensive clipper and also one that is at the more budget conscious end.



What is a dog hair clipper set?

A grooming or hair clipper set is a kit that includes everything you need to do your Shih Tzu’s haircut. It can not only include the hair clipper and all the common accessories, but also some tools for the care of other parts such as the nails or ears.

What type of blades should you use for your Shih Tzu’s hair?

Dog hair clippers usually include different types of blades that you must know about in order to adapt them to the type of haircut that you want for your Shih Tzu. Below are just some of them:

  • Interlocking teeth  they have more space in  between which makes it easier to cut long, dense hair.
  • Wide blades  they are easier to pass through the hair, so they are mostly used for large breed dogs with which the work can be made faster.
  • Last cut blades  for finishing and polishing the haircut

Different speeds and keeping the clipper quiet

When choosing which hair clipper blades to buy for you Shih Tzu, you have to take into account its speeds. These are especially important because you have to deal with the different areas of your Shih Tzu when cutting their hair. This means that in some areas such as the back, you can set the clipper at high speed. Also, you must make sure that the clipper is not too loud so as not to scare or harm your Shih Tzu.

Types of Shih Tzu hair and its importance

We also want to tell you about the type of hair that a Shih Tzu has and how you should treat it.

  • Short coat  if your Shih Tzu has a short coat or hair, it will not be very difficult to cut it and you won’t need to use much power on your clipper in order to do it. You can also finish the process  in a short amount of time.
  • Medium coat  if your Shih Tzu has thicker coat or hair, you will need a little more power for the clipper.
  • Very thick coat  Shih Tzus with very thick coat or hair are the ones that will require the most investment on your part. You must make sure that the clipper you use and its features is with a large rotary motor to cut your Shih Tzu’s very thick hair. Likewise, it must have several power modes to adjust them to the most delicate areas.

Types of haircut you can do on your Shih Tzu with a clipper

There are different types of cuts that you can perform on your Shih Tzu depending on their needs.

  • Hygienic cut  to remove dirt and possible accumulations
  • Lion cut  when you cut the hair on almost the entire body except the head
  • Lamb cut  leaves hair height slightly higher than the other two
  • Schnauzer type cut  leaves hair on some areas of the legs and face, like a mustache
  • Puppy or Teddy bear cut – these are essentially the same thing. This type of cut generally means one length all over the body and legs. Contrary to popular belief, it does not mean any particular coat length and there may be quite a bit of variance in opinion from groomer to groomer


Being able to safely do your Shih Tzu’s haircut at home has a lot of advantages that make purchasing a clipper an investment for you:

  • It’s practical because then you can avoid having to go to the groomers and have the same results at home
  • You don’t need  professional experience to give your Shih Tzu a perfect cut
  • The dog hair clippers are designed not to hurt your Shih Tzu or anyone who uses it so it can be used without worrying about cutting yourself or your Shih Tzu
  • They adapt to all types of Shih Tzu hair and with just the hair clipper, you can give your Shih Tzu a perfect groom at home for a fraction of the cost


A Shih Tzu must be cared for with time and patience. Taking care of their hair, in particular,  is one that requires the most time since it must be brushed and washed frequently. But the more frequently you brush and detangle their hair, the less time you will have to spend in each session. It’s important to Groom your Tzu regularly to avoid discolouration (especially around the eyes) and to prevent matting that can lead to chewing and skin irritation.

It’s best to comb their hair first with a boar bristle brush and then with a wide-toothed comb. Shih Tzus that go out less frequently have to be bathed once a month and those that go out a lot should be bathed once every ten days using a mild liquid shampoo.

You can get all types of shampoos that are designed for your dog, if they like rolling in animal dung, you can buy shampoo to combat the smell, sensitive skin? Yes that can and is also catered for.

In addition to that, before putting your Shih Tzu in the bathtub, you have to unwrap their hair to avoid more knots from forming. You also have to comb it as soon as they’re out of the bath, and dry it carefully. When doing their hairstyle, keep in mind that they are a dog and not a toy so make sure they’re comfortable with their cut.


Necessary Grooming Tools

Usually, grooming professionals use a lot of accessories of different sizes when doing your Shih Tzu’s haircut. Each of the tools that they use makes their job on haircutting better and faster. If you are doing your Shih Tzu’s haircut at home, you don’t need to have all of these tools but a kit can offer a trimmed down version so you have everything you need and it can reduce the initial costs for you.


A brush with soft bristles and long spikes will prevent your Shih Tzu’s hair from being tangled. Use this after drying your Shih Tzu’s hair when grooming or use it everyday to maintain the cleanliness of their coat.

Flat Slicker

Use this if your Shih Tzu has knots on their hair as it will help improve its appearance by unravelling its long and silky properties.


This is a multipurpose tool because you can use it for regular combing and as a guide when you’re using scissors or flat iron. It can also be used to remove any knots on the hair. This is one of the most basic tools that you need to have when grooming your Shih Tzu.

Flat Iron

The flat iron helps by achieving an extra long and soft look on your Shih Tzu’s hair. After washing and drying your Shih Tzu, spread their hair and pass the iron through each layer to achieve the best results. This is perfect if you are going for the long locks, think show dog but it needs a lot of care to keep their fur in tip top condition.

Straight Scissors

This type of scissor is used for specific areas such as the legs, perianal area, and the thigh. This helps polish your Shih Tzu’s look so that no hair will stick out from their body and gives a neater overall appearance, especially in harder to reach areas.

Thinning / Texture Scissors

This type of scissor has a serrated edge and is designed so you can add texture to the Tzu’s face and head.

Dog Clippers

A dog clipper blades can make your work when cutting the hair of your Shih Tzu faster and easier. There are many sizes of blades depending on the length you want for the dog fur and where on their body.

Dog Conditioner

A hair conditioner moisturizes and protects your Shih Tzu’s hair so it does not break easily and keeps it glossy and in good condition. Your Shih Tzu hair can be it’s crowning glory.

Brushing Spray

Brushing your Shih Tzu’s hair without hydrating it first can be counterproductive. A brushing spray makes your Shih Tzu’s hair smoother so that you will not have a hard time grooming them.

Dog Grooming – Your Step-by-Step-Guide

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do your Shih Tzu’s haircut. We’ve tried to explain the grooming session process as clearly as possible so you can do a great job on your Shih Tzu. If, on the contrary, you want to take your Shih Tzu to a professional groomer instead, at least you already know in advance what the process looks like.

STEP 1: Check your Shih Tzu’s hair

One of the worst things that you can do to your Shih Tzu is to leave them neglected, because if this is the case, then their hair will most likely be matted all over and with lots of knots.

The first step to grooming your Shih Tzu is to assess if there are knots forming on their hair. To get rid of these, it’s necessary to use a clipper which will make the process of removing these faster. If the knots are too difficult to remove, you can just first use a comb to remove as much of the tangles as you can and then just remove the rest with a scissor or a clipper.

STEP 2: Brushing your Shih Tzu’s hair

A Shih Tzu is a type of breed that needs constant brushing and combing and this habit must always be done to your Shih Tzu so they will get used to it.  This is the step of the grooming session that usually takes a long time to finish but if your Shih Tzu is calm, then it will take a shorter time.

In combing or brushing your Shih Tzu, you must be very meticulous and careful. No layer of the hair should be neglected or overlooked so make sure to spread your Shih Tzu’s hair as much as possible in the direction to where it grows so you can inspect and properly comb every part of their hair.

STEP 3: Washing your Shih Tzu’s hair

When washing your Shih Tzu’s hair, you must make sure that you leave it as clean as possible. Remove all the dirt and grease that the hair may have accumulated by using a shampoo to gently rub your Shih Tzu’s hair, make sure that every area of the body is cleaned properly.

To hydrate your Shih Tzu’s hair, you’ll need to use a conditioner. This will make the hair healthier and easier to comb. If you want to enhance the volume of your Shih Tzu’s hair, a moisturizer is something you’d want to add to their hair care session.

STEP 4: Drying your Shih Tzu

When drying your Shih Tzu’s hair, make sure to spread it as much as possible so as to cover every area. You must be very meticulous, checking layer by layer from root to tip without hurting your Shih Tzu with the heat from the blower After drying their hair, use a soft brush to straighten their hair and to prepare it for the next step.

STEP 6: Cleaning your Shih Tzu’s sensitive parts

Make sure that your Shih Tzu’s ear canal is free of any hair so you can thoroughly clean it and avoid any possible ear infections. For the feet, you must cut their nails with the right length without hitting the sensitive part which might cause bleeding. You must also remove the hair in between the pads so no grease and dirt will accumulate in it. Finally, for the perianal area of your Shih Tzu, it should be shaved with a number 10 blades on a clipper. You must also shave the inside of the thigh.

STEP 6: Ironing your Shih Tzu’s hair

Ironing your Shih Tzu’s hair is not necessary but you can do it if you want their hair to look better. Ironing your Shih Tzu’s hair can either make it straight or wavy, depending on your preference. However, it’s important to note that you must first use a moisturizing spray before ironing your Shih Tzu’s hair so as to not ruin it.

What A Standard Breed  Shih Tzu Haircut Looks Like

shih tzu clipper blades - What A Standard Breed  Shih Tzu Haircut Looks Like

If you look at a Shih Tzu, you will notice their dignified and ostentatious bearing, and such is their posture because they have an appearance with that like of a lion, but a mini version. They are very active, intelligent and love to be pampered. For you to know if your Shih Tzu is properly groomed or not, some things should be taken into account.


  • Head: The head is full of long, fine and silky hair, with which a typical hairstyle is done, one that resembles a chrysanthemum with a shape that is broad and round.
  • Ears: The ears have so much hair that they merge with the hair on the neck
  • Nose: The nose is flat with long hair falling down from them.
  • Ears: The hair on the ears falls directly and meets the mustache hair. The union must be so precise that it does not stand out from the rest.
  • Mustaches and beard: From the nose and chin, all the hair falls down melting with the hair of the neck and ears.


  • Body: All hair falls from the back to the sides, giving the appearance of a skirt that joins the legs. The tail is plume-shaped and hangs above the back area.
  • Hair: The hair is long and silky, it also has an undercoat that needs maintenance. The hair may have a slight undulation without becoming too round.
  • Front skirt: From the throat, the hair falls under until it hits the floor, the Shih Tzu must be kept from stepping on it when walking. The front legs are hidden behind this skirt. It joins the sides in an overlapping way.
  • Side skirt: From the spine, the hair falls on the sides and is fixed to the dorsal line.
  • Tail: The tail falls like a plume on the back and to the side, it has the peculiarity of standing upright. All the tail hair should form a single set that rests on the back. No hair should fall in the perianal area.
  • Legs: These are covered by the skirts, only the hair around the fingers and nails should be round. No hair on the extremities must exceed the skirt that covers it.

Top Shih Tzu Hairstyles

Shih Tzus are known for their long and beautiful hair which is very similar to that of humans. It’s longer than that of the other breeds and they don’t shed which is why they are a breed that’s considered as ‘hypoallergenic’.

Taking care of your Shih Tzu’s hair takes quite some time and patience as it needs to be brushed everyday to prevent knots from forming which could potentially result in matting. You also need to cut their hair every now and then to make sure that they don’t become too uncomfortable in it. Below are the top hairstyles that you can do to your Shih Tzu.

Puppy Cut

shih tzu clipper blades - puppy cut

This is considered as the easiest and most common of all the Shih Tzu hairstyles. The hair on the body is cut so that only 1-2 inches remain all over the body while the hair on the head is kept longer. This hairstyle is also known as the ‘Summer Cut’ because it keeps your Shih Tzu cool and safe from the summer heat.


shih tzu clipper blades - top-knot

The goal of this hairstyle is to remove any hair blocking your Shih Tzu’s vision without having to cut the hair too much on the other part of the body which can be kept long. You can even use accessories such as ribbons and clips to tie the hair that can possibly cover your Shih Tzu’s eyes.

Teddy Bear Cut

shih tzu clipper blades - Teddy Bear Cut

As the name implies, this hairstyle makes your Shih Tzu look like a teddy bear. This is very easy to do, you just need to keep your Shih Tzu’s hair to about 2.5 inches long in all areas of the body except for the face which can be kept to about 4 inches in length.

Lion Cut

shih tzu clipper blades - Lion Cut

This is a unique hairstyle which makes your Shih Tzu look like a lion. The body’s hair is cut up to 2 inches long and a lot of hair is left on the neck and head area to make it look like a mane.

Grooming Tips and Techniques

For one reason or another, sometimes we prefer to cut our Shih Tzu’s hair ourselves instead of going to a dog groomer. It’s not an easy task, but you can learn with the help of the right tools and following some techniques such as the following.

Get the  necessary tools

It will be essential to have dog hair clipper blades which includes several heads of different sizes to be able to adapt them to the different areas of the body of your Shih Tzu. You will also need standard scissors and other small ones, as well as combs of different thicknesses.

Enjoy A long walk

This is a top tip! To keep your Shih Tzu calm when you are bathing them and cutting their hair, it’s recommended to spend some of their energy with a long walk so that when the time comes for them to be groomed, they will have less energy and thus will be calmer.

Bathe and brush

Your Shih Tzu’s hair must be cleaned and detangled for you to cut it smoothly. If you notice that it’s dirty, the best thing to do is to bathe them with a special shampoo that suited to their coat type and smoothen it with a conditioner. Once their hair is completely dry, you must thoroughly untangle it and cut any knots that you find instead of pulling them which will potentially hurt your Shih Tzu.

Prepare a suitable space for grooming your Shih Tzu

It is important that you and your Shih Tzu feel comfortable throughout the process. That is why it is recommended to prepare a specific space for it, where your Shih Tzu can lie down and you have good access to all areas of their body. It can be a blanket on the floor, a table, etc. Good lighting is also essential. If you have more than one dog a good grooming table can be a wise investment.


shih tzu clipper blades - shih tzu getting a hair cut

Wahl Grooming Clipper

Main features and advantages

  • With this clipper, you will get a great finish in the cut of your Shih Tzu even for the most difficult cuts because it has enough power to style all types of hair
  • With good and proper maintenance, this clipper is capable of cutting the hair of several Shih Tzus in a row without hardly noticing any difference to its good performance, this is what in our opinion makes it a very great option
  • It does not overheat easily
  • Due to its ergonomic design, it is very comfortable and easy to use even for the novice  users although it requires some practice because at first use, it may seem that it’s not powerful enough
  • With time and experience, you will be amazed by its cut quality

Moser 1400 Dog Clipper

Main features and advantages

  • With a great price, it is undoubtedly a very good option if you want to buy something that fits your budget with good quality and that works well
  • The finish is not perfect on thick hairs since it is a semi-professional clipper but it is more than enough for what a regular Shih Tzu needs
  • Although it heats up a bit more than the other clippers, it is not necessary to stop once in a while during the cutting session
  • For the price, it has a good power motor, facilitating cutting even in the most complicated body areas
  • It is especially effective in small breeds like Shih Tzus. In addition to that, it is not excessively noisy, which will help you to keep your Shih Tzu calm throughout the process
  • Although it is not wireless, the length of the cable is long enough

Moser 1230 Professional Clipper

Main features and advantages

  • The precision head is made of stainless steel, this makes it more durable, hygienic, heat resistant and easy to clean
  • It has a width of 46 mm
  • Its 15W motor, in addition to being silent, vibrates very little, which relaxes your Shih Tzu
  • Its weight is 620 grams
  • Has a metal hanger and a 3 meter long round cable so you could move without limitations while shearing your Shih Tzu’s hair
  • It offers a cut extension between 0.1 to 3 mm through 6 adjustable positions by means of a lateral lever
  • It is a very stable clipper, designed for frequent use thanks to its polarized oscillating anchor
  • Noise-free, only 63Db
  • It comes with two plastic combs (one of 6 and another of 10 mm), brush to clean and oil to lubricate

Ceenwes Dog Clippers

Main features and advantages

  • It’s an all-in-one tool with battery, charger, brush for cleaning, stainless steel scissor, comb attachments, and nail file and clipper
  • It has a precision motor with low vibration. It’s ultra quiet which can help your Shih Tzu feel at ease when you’re cutting their hair. Its copper tip makes cutting smooth and does not hurt your Shih Tzu.
  • It’s cordless and light weight which provides maximum flexibility during the session. The battery is fully-charged for five hours and works for about 70 minutes.
  • Its blades are made with Titanium and ceramic which allows an efficient and smooth hair cutting. The length for the fine-tuning knob are from 0.8mm-2mm suitable for all lengths of hair.

Oster Golden A5 Two-Speed Animal Grooming Clippers

Main features and advantages

  • With two switches to control the speed (Hi and Lo)
  • Detachable blade included
  • Unbreakable and chew-proof which ensures that your Shih Tzu is not harmed any way by it
  • The blades are treated cryogenically in the USA so it’s very durable and lasts a long time.
  • The low speed function makes its operation quiet and the clipping of the sensitive areas safe. The high speed function, on the other hand, offers the maximum power so you can clip or shave your Shih Tzu faster.

Andis UltraEdge Dog Clipper

Main features and advantages

  • Perfect for any type of Shih Tzu hair.
  • Has a detachable blade which makes it easy to clean and change.
  • Two-speed function that provides flexibility when cutting hairs on the different areas of your Shih Tzu.
  • Long and durable chord for easy movement when cutting hair. Can also be used cordless with a long battery life.
  • Has a smooth finish whether using just the blade or with attachment combs.
  • It’s very durable and does not drag your Shih Tzu’s hair when being used.

KK Codos-8000 Grooming Clipper

Main features and advantages

  • The blade is made up of stainless steel and ceramic which ensures an excellent performance when cutting your Shih Tzu’s hair. The sharpness of the blade lasts a long time and it’s very easy to remove and clean up.
  • Uses four types of cutting mechanism. The first level cuts your Shih Tzu’s hair short while the second, third, and fourth level keeps your Shih Tzu’s hair longer depending on your preference.
  • Uses two rechargeable batteries which charges for 3 hours and can used for about 40 minutes nonstop. It’s also very easy to replace the battery so you don’t need to worry when you need to do so in between each grooming session.
  • Its motor is not too loud which ensures that your Shih Tzu is calm and comfortable.

Andis UltraEdge Detachable Clipper Blade

Main features and advantages

  • The blades are made up of carbon steel which makes its sharpness last for a long time.
  • It has a chrome finish that helps it to not rust easily.
  • Can fit to a lot of Andis model clippers as well as the Wahl KM Series and Oster A5
  • For its maintenance, we recommend oiling the blade during and every after usage.

Oneisall Professional Dog Clippers

Main features and advantages

  • It’s cordless and lightweight design makes it easy to use.
  • It’s very quiet which means it won’t scare your Shih Tzu and you will be able to cut their hair easier and faster.
  • It has a 2000mA rechargeable battery which charges for 3 hours and can be used for a maximum of 5 hours.
  • Has an LCD display so that you’ll be able to see the battery level and charging status which will give you more control and ease on the grooming session.
  • It has a powerful motor and does not get clogged by hair easily.
  • Water resistant and stablem very effective when it comes to cutting thick hair.
  • Along with the clipper, you will get 6 guide combs of different sizes, a cleaning brush, charging stand, scissor, and comb. Basically, everything you need to give your Shih Tzu a decent haircut.

IWEEL Dog Clipper

Main features and advantages

  • This is a complete grooming kit for your Shih Tzu, everything you need for a good haircut is included.
  • Water resistant but we advise not submerging it in water completely to make sure the good quality lasts a long time.
  • Has two different speed levels and sharp blade made of stainless steel and ceramic. This helps you groom your Shih Tzu faster and beautifully.
  • It has an ergonomic design which provides comfort when grooming on the different areas of your Shih Tzu’s body.
  • Replacement blade available but is purchased separately.
  • Comes with 6 different guides to help you get the perfect hairstyle for your Shih Tzu.
  • With this, you can safely cut your Shih Tzu’s hair without getting afraid of hurting them.


shih tzu clipper blades

Once you have installed the blade, you can start using the clipper blades to cut the hair of your Shih Tzu. Be careful because the blade can get hot during cutting. This is completely normal, but you should check from time to time to make sure that the heat will not harm you or your Shih Tzu.

You can reduce blade heating with the help of blade oils or blade coolant. These products usually come together with the blade and/or the clipper. To start using the blade, you should put the flat part so that you can gently move it over your Shih Tzu’s hair in the same direction where it grows. With this, you will get a clean and smooth cut as long as you keep the blade straight and flat against your Shih Tzu’s skin, making smooth and slow movements.

You can start cutting the hair anywhere on your Shih zu’s body. But we advise you to do as follows:

Getting Started – Steps To SHih Tzu Grooming

Now here is the grooming in easy steps.

Start using the clipper on the head, neck, back and front paws

It is best to always use the same routine to get your Shih Tzu used to it and so you can learn how to use you clipper blades to cut your Shih Tzu’s hair quickly. We recommend that you start at the top of your Shih Tzu’s head and gently go down towards the neck and back.

Then, cut the hair off their legs, it is best to start at the front. Hold the leg you are going to use the clipper on and then gently shave it up and down the entire length of the leg. Cutting the hair off your Shih Tzu’s legs is something that requires patience because they will feel a little uncomfortable and will most likely not let you touch the hair on it. Take your time, for your Shih Tzu needs to get used to this.

If, during the session, you find some type of accumulation of hairs because they are stuck or there is dirt, it’s better that you cut that part with scissors.

Continue to use the hair clipper on the back and hind legs

The next phase we recommend is that you continue on the back and go down towards the sides. When you get to the chest and belly area, you will need to lift your Shih Tzu’s legs up again. Perform the movements gently and do not lift any of the legs abruptly. Once you are finished with the body, you can cut the hair on hind legs and tail.

How to cut off sensitive parts using the clipper

To shave around the anus, under the belly and other sensitive parts, you need to take even more special care. A number 10 blade will be the best option for these areas in the event that you use a professional dog hair clipper. If the hair clipper is semi-professional, a comb of equivalent length will also suffice.

Always make extremely smooth movements and hold the blade or comb firmly so as not to hurt your Shih Tzu. You’ll soon get the hang of it, so there’s no need to worry.

How to prevent the hair clipper blade from getting hot or getting stuck

A Shih Tzu’s coat can become very thick and very matted. Therefore, even the best blades can get stuck or get hot. It is very important that you stop immediately because you could accidentally hurt your Shih Tzu. If either problem occurs, it’s best to apply a little oil or a blade coolant so any stuck hair will be removed.

If the blade becomes very hot, you can exchange it for another one you have in reserve or wait for it to cool down. Remember that once you are done with the cut, you can use a hair vacuum which will help you clean all the hair quickly.

As you have seen in the article, cutting your Shih Tzu’s hair is not as difficult as it seems. You can get a super professional cut and save yourself a ton of money down the road. You only have to select the best clipper blades for your Shih Tzu in the market.


  • Take your time
  • Do not make sudden movements
  • Check the blade from time to time to ensure it is not jammed by the hair or is very hot

Take a look at the below video to see a simple, one length all over cut.


shih tzu clipper blades - Shih Tzu Common Haircuts

The long hair of a Shih Tzu allows you to apply different types of haircuts on them. Furthermore, depending on the time of the year, you can adapt the length of their haircut. Here are four of the most common haircuts that you can do to your Shih Tzu with the help of a dog hair clipper.

Puppy Cut

Before turning one year of age, hair shedding happens to your Shih Tzu which is typical in all dogs. At this stage, the problem with hair knots occurs, so it is recommended that you give your Shih Tzu a short haircut, one that looks like when they were still a puppy. This improves your Shih Tzu’s appearance and also protects them from the heat during summer.

Long Cut

The long cut is one of the most beautiful but most problematic haircuts, this is because knots are mainly formed when the hair is kept long and if you don’t take good care of your Shih Tzu’s hair. For this reason, it is recommended that you brush it every day for it to look great.

Lion Cut

The lion cut consists of cutting all the hair that covers the body, legs and tail. Only the hair that surrounds the head is left, giving your Shih Tzu the appearance of a lion.

Japanese Cut

There are many types of Japanese cut, but one thing that’s common to them is that the Shih Tzu’s ears and legs are left with lots of hair.


We recommend that you read the instruction manual at least once before using the clipper because sometimes, it includes a lot of relevant and useful information that you need to have. Make sure that when cutting your Shih Tzu’s hair, you keep the blade tilted down against the skin at the right angle.

When you start cutting, it is advisable to start at the head and continue downwards, going in the same direction as the hair, towards the back of your Shih Tzu and then towards the legs. With this, you will ensure a clean and smooth cut.

Make sure that the blade you use with the hair clipper is appropriate. Generally, the measurements of the blades and combs that you need to use are based on how long you want your Shih Tzu’s hair to be.

To prevent blades from jamming or heating up, properly maintain it by lubricating it properly after each use. Remember that before using a professional or semi-professional clipper, it is highly recommended that you give your Shih Tzu a bath and comb their hair to avoid any kind of pain. This is especially effective with those Shih Tzus with very long and thick hair.

Have other tools like scissors and a brush and remember to check every once in a while that the blade doesn’t get too hot.