So you’ve decided that you want to buy best carrier for your dog but you have realized that there is an immense variety of options available. Nowadays, to acquire any product, you have to do an extensive market study in order to make sure that you are going to buy the one that best suits your needs and those of your best furry friend.

There are different sizes, materials, shapes, designs, and colors for carriers. Thinking of the choices for each property in order to choose the best dog carrier will make you waste hours and hours of valuable time.

Rolled carriers, folding carriers, cloth carriers, backpack carriers, car carriers, aircraft approved carriers these are just some of the types of dog carriers that we are going to analyze and discuss in this article. Read carefully and find out as much as you can so that your dog will have a pleasant and safe trip with you inside the carrier that suits them best.


As we have already mentioned, there are different types of dog carriers. A good choice will depend on both your needs and, of course, those of your pet. To make the right choice, you should ask yourself these 3 questions:

1. What is the main use of the carrier for you and your dog?

Are you traveling with your dog by car? Are you going to do it by plane or maybe by train or subway? Maybe you just want to provide your pet with a safe and quiet place in your home; something like your own room, where you have a space to relax, feel protected and even ignore other people for a little while.

2. How big is your dog?

Subjective responses are not valid in this question. You have to measure your dog accurately and choose a carrier that is neither too small (which would make your dog feel uncomfortable), nor too large (which would not generate the feeling of a personal space). The size should be enough so that your pet can stand up, fit well lying on their side, and can turn without difficulty. If you still do not know how to measure your dog, keep reading because we will tell you the best way to do it.

3. What is your budget?

Obviously, we all want to buy a dog carrier at the best possible price without neglecting the quality. Sometimes, investing a little more money for one is not just an effort but also a long-term saving. A good carrier can last a lifetime and one of poor quality can break in just a few months. Breaking a cheap carrier will mean buying a new one and therefore spending money again and again (if you choose to buy a cheap one again the next time).


Best Shih Tzu Dog Carrier

Best Dog Carrier With Wheels

Depending on the size of your pet, there are times that carrying a carrier can be harmful to your back. In this case, transporters with wheels can be your great ally and can even provide your dog with a pleasant experience thanks to its rhythmic movement.


These two models have a higher price than others in their category, but their robustness and quality are well worth it.

As you can see, both are very similar in design and size, although one is designed horizontally and the other vertically. The horizontal model (first) has dimensions 34x43x67 cm and has 4 wheels, while the vertical mode (second) is 36x50x27 cm has only 2 wheels. Both serve to transport a dog not exceeding 8kg.

Very practical and easy to carry from one place to another, they are light and have very good ventilation. The vertical model also has another advantage: it can be used not just as a cart but also as a backpack, thanks to the clamps it has.

The bars that are used to drag the carriers are the same as those of any suitcase, it can be folded and can be pulled inward when not in use.

Paws & Pals

Another model, which you might not have thought about but is very comfortable is the Paws & Pals Wheeled Carrier which is very close to a baby stroller.

This carrier/stroller is very useful in walking your pet or taking them to the veterinarian, especially if they are older and/or have a mobility problem.

It has dimensions of 14.5×18.5×39. Its 360-degree swivel castors (up front) with cushioning make maneuvering and gliding easy on both smooth and stony grounds.

The carrier has mesh screens with zippers for breathability and to protect your dog from any insect. It also has a cup holder and undercarriage for snacks and toys.

Best Foldable Dog Carrier

Most of these types of carriers are made of cloth, although there are also metal ones. They are great if you want to use them to travel with your pet and if you prefer to have a carrier that does not take up too much space.


This traditional folding carrier from 2PET stands out for its value for money. Its four sides are made of breathable mesh which allows not only good ventilation, but also allows your pet to see from the inside and therefore feel calmer when traveling.

Its inner frame is made of metal which is very durable and the mesh sides can be rolled up and fastened with velcro, resulting in a fully open carrier, ideal for the hottest days.

In addition to having zipped openings both on the side and on the front and top, this practical carrier incorporates two exterior pockets, very useful for storing dog food, toys, or your pet’s documents.

Another good thing about this carrier is that it folds in a few seconds and is very easy to clean, thanks to its base made of waterproof materials in case your dog gets dizzy during the trip or simply can’t stand the urge to urinate.

This carrier, which is only available in different colors, can be purchased in five different sizes: small (20 in), medium (24 in), large (28 in), extra large (32 in) and XXlarge (36 in).


In this same category, we find the folding carrier of Morpilot , a bag that is very lightweight and folds completely so that it can be easily stored. The size is ideal for small pets, and although the manufacturer offers it in two different sizes: M (16.2×9.45×12.1in) and L (18×12.5×14 in), neither is suitable for a dog that weighs more than 8 kg. In fact, the difference between the two sizes is so small that unless your dog is extra small, we recommend getting the L size without hesitation.

This bag comes with three openings. Two of them are located at the ends, and are intended to be able to put the dog inside the carrier, while the third is designed to allow the owner to pet his dog.

The part that serves as the base of the carrier is made of a soft material that provides maximum comfort during the trip. In addition to that, it can be cleaned easily thanks to the fact that it is waterproof.

The transport of this carrier is very pleasant thanks to its double handle which allows you to carry it both in your hand and hanging from your shoulder. In both cases, the small pads incorporated into the handles make you carry the weight of your dog with much greater comfort. It also has a seat belt loop that you can use to put the carrier on the top of your luggage without it falling off.

Best Fabric Dog Carrier

Fabric carriers have the advantage of being much lighter, something to keep in mind when traveling.


A clear example is this PetAmi cloth carrier, whose weight does not exceed half a kilo, only 100grs.

With dimensions of 19.5×10.2×12 in, this carrier, available in different colors, is perfect for dogs weighing less than 7kg. It has many areas of ventilation and grilles on the top, on the sides and on the front, essential for animals that feel a sense of burden on carriers and need a lot of air.

It is very durable, has a removable rigid base inside, and the whole set is washable, a fundamental property to maintain the correct hygiene of the product. In addition to that, the interior fabric is padded, which provides a feeling of comfort and well-being.

Pawfect Pets

Another interesting option is the Pawfect Pets Cloth Carrier available in elegant colors.

This fabric carrier, which incorporates a hand and a shoulder handle, is best for a dog weighing less than 8kg. It is ideal for traveling on any means of transport, including airplanes, since its size makes it ideal to put under the seat. However, it must be taken into account that its weight is 1kg and that in order to take it in the cabin, it must not exceed 8kg with the dog inside.

The material is of good quality and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth or a brush dipped in water. The part of the interior floor is made of a padded and very soft material so that your pet feels very comfortable during the trip.

This bag has mesh on both the sides and the top which makes the ventilation very good. It also has one which serves as a small side window to pet your dog or give them treats without opening the main zippers.

Best Backpack Dog Carrier

Backpack type carriers are ideal if you like hiking, walking in the city, and even riding a motorcycle. For obvious reasons, they are designed primarily for small pets. Or can you imagine carrying a labrador in your backpack?


This transport backpack by Pawaboo is an economical and very wise option. Available in different colors and can be purchased in 4 different sizes. The S for a pet of less than 2.5kg, the M for one of about 3.5kg, the L for a less than 6.5kg and finally the XL that promises to hold up to 9.5kg in weight. Despite these manufacturer’s recommendations, we do not advise buying this backpack for dogs weighing more than 8 kg.

The 4 openings available for the legs make it ideal for the hottest times. Your dog will be comfortable and protected, and at the same time feel cool while admiring the landscape. Although it can be used as a back or front backpack, we recommend this second option to keep your pet guarded at all times.

Peach Tree

However, if you are not a big fan of the idea that your dog travels with his paws hanging out (although we assure you that he is very comfortable in this pose), this version of Peach Tree carrier backpack offers interesting advantages. The main advantage is that you will have a 2 in 1 function as you can use it both as a backpack and as a carrier, depending on the situation.

It can be used for hiking, walking, or traveling by public transport. Your pet will always be comfortable and airy, thanks to its sides and its front made of mesh. Even being locked, your dog can have an excellent view of what happens outside.

It also incorporates two side pockets that close with zippers and are very useful for storing sweets, leashes or even your mobile phone. If your dog does not exceed 5kg in weight, Peach Tree’s backpack carrier is definitely a great option.

Best Car Dog Carrier

In addition to dog travel seat belts, carriers are the best way to guarantee both your safety and that of your pet in a car trip. The perfect place to put them will be on the floor, behind the front seats.


Although this Pettom car carrier does not go in the place indicated, it is still a very safe and comfortable car seat for your pet. Available in sizes: S (up t0 15lb weight) and L (up t0 20lb weight), it supports a weight of up to 6kg the first size and 9kg the second.

The Pettom car carrier comes with adjustable straps that allow you to stably fix it to the car seat. In addition to that, it has two slots in the back through which you can slip the belt and a safety buckle inside the bag to hook it to the harness and thus achieve maximum protection for your dog.

Durable and waterproof, it can be used both in the car and outside thanks to its shoulder strap. It is fully foldable and comes with a gift bag which will make its storage a very simple task.

With a variety of three colors, you choose between: grey, khaki, and purple. We are sure that you will find the one you like best.

Paws & Pals

For larger dogs, one of the best options when traveling by car is the Paws & Pals carrier. Made of silver steel, its dimensions make it ideal for the trunk of medium and large cars, leaving in the latter space even for a suitcase.

The cage/carrier mesh structure provides optimal air circulation even inside the boot, and its removable, easy-to-clean tray comes in handy in case your dog gets dizzy in the car and ends up vomiting.

To facilitate both the cleaning and the entry of your pet, the cage has two doors, both with solid closures that can hardly be opened by the dog inside.

Best Aircraft-Approved Dog Carrier

Traveling with your dog on the plane depends mainly on their size and the airline. If it is a small breed dog, in most airlines, you can fly with them in the cabin as long as its weight (including the carrier) does not exceed 8kg. If the dog is medium or large, they will have to travel in the hold.

In both cases, you will need to travel with your dog in a carrier approved for aircraft travel according to the regulations established by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

As there are always exceptions to the rule, we advise you, before you even purchase your ticket, to contact the airline to learn more about their regulations when it comes to pet travel. There are airlines that do not transport dogs during the summer period, others that do not admit more than two pets per flight and many that do not let brachycephalic dogs fly. (In case you don’t know, brachycephalic dog breeds are those that have a wide skull and snout. It is because of this morphology that breeds such as Bulldog, Boxer, Lhasa Apso or Shih Tzu, among others, suffer to a greater or lesser extent of respiratory problems.

And, an important tip when you travel: make sure you have your pet’s veterinary papers and passport in order.

Returning to the aircraft-approved carriers, let’s take a look at the ones that will best fit your needs.


As with almost all accessories, small dog owners have many more options to choose from. At least, in terms of design. This EliteField aircraft-approved carrier is the clear example of this. This bag is designed for a toy dog, with a maximum weight not exceeding 3.5kg. (Although the manufacturer says they are 6kg)

Available in a wide variety of colors ranging from classic black to charcoal grey, through pink, purple, sapphire blue and sky blue, among others.

In its design, it includes several parts made of breathable mesh, which allows good airflow, helping your pet to breathe normally and have a look at what’s happening outside.


If your dog is not small in size and therefore needs to travel in the hold, the Karlie approved aircraft carrier can be an excellent choice.

This carrier is available in 6 different sizes, ranging from XS to XXL and can hold weights between 5 and 45kg. However, even with the XS size, you could not travel in the cabin since its height exceeds that which is allowed.

Composed of two parts, one navy blue and one white, the two halves are fastened with 5 hinges and a lock, which makes it very durable and robust for the aircraft’s hold.

Although this model incorporates a small drinking fountain, we recommend a much larger one if the trip is longer than 2 hours and the dog is large.

All sizes incorporate a handle on the top and sizes L, XL and XXL also come with 4 wheels for easy transport.


Dog Handheld Carrier

If you are a traveler, you will know how uncomfortable it is to go for many hours encased in the narrow seats of the airlines.

Unfortunately, unless you can afford to travel in business class, you don’t seem to have any other option. However, what you can avoid is that your pet will have the same feeling of discomfort as you by choosing a carrier that’s  appropriate to their size.

We will show you how to measure your dog to choose the most appropriate carrier size. But, before doing so, we want to share with you what we consider to be the most common depending on their size.

  • Small dog carriers
  • Medium dog carriers
  • Large dog carriers

How To Measure Your Dog To Know What Dog Carrier To Buy

We cannot finish our definitive guide in buying a dog carrier without explaining the correct way to measure it. Remember that we are measuring the dog in order to know the measurement for the carrier. So even if it seems to be a messy procedure, pay attention and your pet will sure be comfortable in their new carrier.

We will consider 3 variables:

The length of the carrier

We will use the formula A+0.5B. A is the measurement in centimeters that goes from the dog’s snout to where the tail begins (we don’t include the tail in the measurement) and B is the length of the front legs. For example, if in your dog, the length A is 34 cm, and the length B is 14, the Length of the Carrier will be 34+half of 14, that is,  34 + 7 = 41 cm.

So, our carrier will have to be 41 cm long.

The width of the carrier

We will measure the distance between the dog’s shoulders or its widest part and multiply it by 2. If the width of your dog is 15cm, for example, the width of the carrier will be 30cm.

The height of the carrier

We will measure the height of the dog from the tip of the legs to the tip of the ears and add 2 cm. So if the height is 18cm, the ideal height of the carrier should be 20cm.