This is an amazing story and we’d like to share it with our global community. Can you help Bertie run again?

Help Bertie Run Again

(Picture: PhilYeomans/BNPS)

A wonderful story that we hope to help have a happy ending. He needs £4000 ($5,100) to have the surgery that will help him run again and enjoy being a dog full of life. His former owners could not cope and sadly Bertie was taken to  Ardley Rescue Kennels.

Only diagnosed at 10 months old, a lot of folks want to help him. We are sharing his Go Fund Me page which lets you donate if you wish to.


What’s wrong with Bertie?

Bertie has a rare condition – the vet at the shelter took some time to explain what the issue was and how it causes Berties problems and pain.

‘If you imagine your elbow to your wrist you have the two bones – the radius and the ulna – in Bertie those stopped growing,’ said Annabelle Weir, from the centre. ‘Because all the other bits continue growing it made his legs bow and caused his paws to go underneath him. He can’t really run or jump and if he does too much it leaves him in pain and he just limps around.’

Help Bertie Run Shih Tzu

(Picture: PhilYeomans/BNPS)


Bertie is a puppy (just 9 months old, diagnosed at 5 months) and he wants to play and run and enjoy life. Ahead of him are a couple of operations and then physio to help with his recovery but first, he needs to get the funding so this genetic condition can be corrected.

If you’d like to help then every cent or penny can help.


Go on Bertie – we a rooting for you #shihtzutime